Thanksgiving Post

Happy Thanksgiving, Ibis Cove!

Dear Ibis Cove Homeowner, First of all we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday; we all have much to be thankful for that the encounter with Hurricane Irma this past summer was not as damaging as it could have been.

Speaking of which, as many of you now prepare to repair damage done during the hurricane please remember that any exterior changes must first be approved by the Association. Please do not forget to fill out a construction form and include insurance & license paperwork for any company performing replacement of exterior parts on your home, for example roofs and lanai cages. The same goes for any landscape changes such as tree removal.

You can find the pertinent Construction and Landscape change forms as an attachment; or on the Ibis Cove webpage (no password required).

We thank you in advance for following this procedure and again wish you a wonderful holiday.