Hotwire New Video on Demand Improvements & Pay per View Options


On Saturday, December 1st you will notice we’ve made exciting improvements to our Video On Demand library and added more pay per view options.


New Video On Demand

More HD Movies – A large increase in library content HD titles.

Improved Movie Menu – A simplified menu will make it easier to search and find movies andmovie collections.

SD and HD Movies in One Place – SD and HD will be together and customers will see lowerprices for some movies.

Too Much For TV – An uncensored subscription VOD package retailing for only $14.95/monthoffering hundreds of titles. (Mature Audience Content)

On Saturday, December 1st, you will see that we have over a thousand more titles. PLUS, the library will continue to grow. Each month we will add new releases and hundreds of additional SD and HD titles for you to enjoy.

New Pay-Per-View Channel Options

We’ve added additional PPV entertainment channels for your viewing pleasure:

825 iN Demand – Live sporting events

826 iN Demand – Live sporting events in HD

827 iN Demand PPV en Espanol Offers UFC, taped concerts, comedy and movies enEspañol.

828 iN Demand 2 Provides UFC Español as well as uncensored adult options.

829 iN Demand 3 Features a variety of live ring sports, soccer, rugby, taped concerts,comedy, reality, and uncensored adult options.

815 Hot Choice Provides uncensored adult programming, mature audience options.

Parental Control feature instructions are available on page 30 of our Fision TV User Guide available at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens to a movie that I purchased but didn’t finish watching before 12/1?

A: The movie will be located in your “saved” folder and will be available for viewing throughout the purchase window (typically two days from the time of purchase).

Q: What happens if I’m in the middle of watching a movie when the switchover occurs on 12/1?

A: Nothing! The movie will continue to play and will be in your “saved” folder throughout the purchase window (typically two days from the time of purchase.)

Q: I was used to the look of the old menu/folder structure. Can I switch it back?

A: You won’t be able to switch it back; but you won’t want to once you get used to the new, simple-to-navigate folder structure!