Ibis Cove Post Irma Update #2

Clean up has begun and progress is being made, step by step.

The pool and spa are scheduled to reopen on Saturday. Along with the Fitness Center, the Clubhouse and pool restrooms are open until 11pm until power is restored to all homes in Ibis Cove. Office hours remain 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.

The office does not have information on which homes do and which do not have electricity. Please visit the FP&L website for specific information https://www.fpl.com/storm.html?cid=HB1

Leo Jr. has taken down all the trees that were considered a public safety hazard and most of the trees blocking sidewalks and driveways. Next they will be taking care of the leaning trees and the rest of the downed trees. Please remember that this is an extended, painstaking step by step process, so we ask that you do not interrupt the workers as they follow their schedule.

The allotment of the cost for this entire project will be determined at a later date after careful consideration of all financial aspects.

Please be aware that for insurance purposes, Leo Jr. will initially not be taking down any trees that have fallen on or possibly damaged structure. This situation will have to be handled on a case by case basis. If you have a tree touching your home, please contact the office at your earliest convenience.

Thank you again for your continued patience and support while we work towards a return to normal!