Ibis Cove Post Irma Update


Hello from Ibis Cove. We are very happy to say that no one was hurt and neighbors are coming together to help each other in the aftermath of the storm. Going forward I’m sure we will hear more and more of these inspiring stories.

Until further notice, the pool and spa remain closed; the Fitness Center is useable and along with the Clubhouse and office are open regular hours.

Outwardly there does not seem to be any major structural damage to homes other than lanai cages, flashing, and some missing shingles, but homeowners will have to assess damage to their property on an individual basis. Some homes have had electricity restored, but the office does not have information on which do and which do not. Please visit the FP&L website for more specific information https://www.fpl.com/storm.html?cid=HB1

There are a lot of downed trees throughout the community and the owner and property manager from Leo Jr. have toured the community and assessed the damage. On Thursday they will start taking out trees that are blocking roadways or still posing a danger of falling over. Next they will be taking care of the trees blocking sidewalks and driveways, then they will follow up with the rest of the downed trees and debris.

This is a painstaking step by step process, so we ask that you do not interrupt the workers as they follow their schedule. Please be aware that for insurance purposes, they will initially not be taking down any trees that have fallen on or possibly damaged structure. This situation will have to be handled on a case by case basis.

Most of all we ask for your patience; we have a long road ahead of us to get everything cleaned up and fixed. Rest assured we will be taking steps every day to complete the process and bring Ibis Cove back to a familiar look!