Post Irma Update #3

First of all we would like to send a special thanks to those neighbors who have been out helping neighbors and those who have been helping with yard raking and cleanup.

Leo Jr. continues their progress throughout the community and are finishing up landscape debris cleanup street side. If you put out hurricane debris once they have passed your home, it may take a while for them to make their way back around, so please be patient. You may also bundle it to be put out Monday for Tuesday garbage pickup, but Collier County standards must be followed. Leo Jr is also starting the tree/debris removal from the back yards. We thank you for not interrupting the workers as they follow their schedule, because this continues to be an extended, painstaking step by step process.

If you have a tree touching your home, and have not given the association and Leo Jr. permission to remove it, please contact the office at your earliest convenience.

Should you elect to hire an outside landscaper to remove any trees or landscaping from your property, you must make sure they are licensed and insured and that they take any debris they cut with them when they leave. They may not leave it curbside for Leo Jr. to dispose of. We understand that everyone is a little nervous about trees these days, however healthy trees that have not been damaged may not be taken out without association approval. Please use the Landscape Change Request Form available on the website or in the office.

At this time it has not yet been determined if Collier County will be picking up hurricane construction debris (screening, aluminum, shingles, etc.), from gated communities; they are waiting for approval from the state. (Please note that currently there is no pick up of designated Bulk Waste or White Goods until further notice.) At this time we ask that you do not put these materials curbside until the removal question has been answered; however as long as the materials fit in the closed can so that the garbage truck can lift it, you may put them in your regular trash bin.

The pool and spa are open from dawn to dusk, but please enter through the breezeway/patio or back gate since the east parking lot entry remains unusable until the pool gate is repaired.

Office hours remain 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.

Beginning October 1st, the administration will resume periodic patrols to enforce community standards. Please make sure you follow the rules for trash bins/garbage, parking, open garage doors, etc. to avoid a violation letter. If you are unsure of the rules you can find them on the website Association Documents page

Thank you again for your continued patience and support while we work towards a return to normal!