Presidents Message 4-18-19

Hello fellow association members.  I would like to thank all of you who participated and attended the open forum we had on April 13th at the club house here in Ibis Cove. The turnout was excellent, the enthusiasm was high, and the discussion with regard to questions was informative. I tried to answer some of your questions and offer the information that I knew.  I wanted to give you a brief synopsis of some of the items and also projects we are working on as a result of the above referred to forum as well as some things we are in the process of doing.

• Yesterday two members of our board met with our current landscaper to discuss and work out the various problems we are having.
• We are working with a bank to invest in a CD that is federally insured to put some of the reserves for a greater return on our money.
• Developing a list for security to call the homeowner if there violations rather than getting a letter in the mail a week later.
• Setting up a board meeting to review with the engineering firm’s study with regard to our sprinklers for Ibis Cove.
• Reviewing what can be done to improve the ways in which residents may stay informed more easily and communicate with the Board and office.
• We have had a conference call with our accounting firm and have arranged a meeting with them to better understand the process and procedures of our accounting system.
• Posting of the upcoming events occurring in Ibis Cove such as landscaping, various projects, and information of what is to come in the future.
• Review of procedures in the administration of Ibis Cove in ways that will better serve you the association member and homeowner.
• We are reviewing our Request for Proposal (RFP) and we are in examining the process as to how we vet vendors.
• Review of our current contracts to determine precisely the services we are paying for and perhaps make adjustments to those contracts.
• New lighting that is brighter has been selected and will be installed by Florida Power and Light in late mid-summer.
• Review of the lighting of the walkway to Indigo Lakes community and posting of a no trespassing sign.

We will be having another forum right after the Board meeting on April 25th, 2019. The agenda for April 25th Board meeting will be sent out soon. It is important for homeowners to participate, you as homeowners have this opportunity to introduce your thoughts or questions directly to the Board.  The Board is committed and excited to meet with you and we are looking forward to serving our community!  Much of the above listing is a result of the forum  and meetings with association homeowners As you can tell from the above listing there has been a lot of work done and more to do, again, we look forward to your participation.

Respectfully, Roger Thorpe, President